Peel Castle is a beautiful, brilliant representation of a fortified castle originating from the 11th century located on the splendid, Isle of Man. If you’re making the ferry or plane journey over to the Isle of Man, definitely take a trip over to Peel to explore this historical marker. Located right on Peel beach’s prom, it actually sits on its own Island! Pretty handy for a defensive castle through the ages.

The castle itself has a vivid history of inhabitants with the most notorious and first being the Vikings led under Magnus Barefoot. Magnus was your typical Viking with the notion to domineer war campaigns and gain as much control of land as possible. He certainly scored a gem with the location of this castle in Peel which is perfectly situated to watch ships teetering in from Scotland on one side and in from Ireland on the other.

The castle and grounds tour is self-guided and costs only £5. You’ll get an audio device to listen to which explores over 30 sections across the site. One of the cool parts of Peel Castle is the on going excavation there. It’s literally a living, thriving archaeological site where something new surfaces every day about the history of Peel and this castle. Though, to be fair, the views alone are worth the visit.