Madrid, Spain. The only way I can describe this wonderful city: In a previous Art class I remember my teacher placing a single, white egg on a stool and telling us to paint it. Dumbfounded, most of us chose a piece of black charcoal and began shaping and shading our lines into the outline of a white oval. We failed the assignment but it has stayed with me forever. My teacher went on to explain what she saw when looking at the white egg. She saw the colour white. But she also saw shades of purple, blue and green. She saw shades of brown. She listed almost every colour on the rainbow in a simple, single white egg. That’s Madrid. It’s not all show. It’s not fake or pretentious. It’s real, full-bodied, and thriving in passion. You can take photos of the beautiful city squares and palaces. You can eat Spanish olives and drink bottles of Sol but to really experience Madrid is to get up close and feel it. Just like the white egg, Madrid is more than the eye can see at first glance.


I stumbled upon this musician outside the Prado Museum. You could feel his devotion, his love and ambition towards his art form. Handy way to spend an afternoon relaxing in the grass with a bit of free entertainment worthy of the Royal Albert Hall in London.


City squares are brilliant, too. Here is Puerta de Sol. Full of street performers taking their talents to the next level. Completely acceptable to watch in awe, take a photo or pop a bob into their hat to help support their lifestyle.

Madrid offers flamingo dancing, bull fighting, tasty Sangria and deliciously cheap tapas. The city cultivates the most down-to-Earth, friendly and easy going attitudes with a pure Spanish experience. Make sure to visit, explore, and have your siesta as Madrileños stay up late!