Newquay is a bustling, seaside dream of a town located smack dab in the middle of beautiful Cornwall. Two things on my to do list when I arrived was to find a Cornish pasty and to also find Aidan Turner (the male lead on Poldark). Turns out there are Cornish pasties everywhere (yes they are as tasty as they look) and Aidan Turner was nowhere to be found (much to my disappointment).

What should have been at the top of my to do list were visiting the absolutely stunning beaches found surrounding Newquay. The picture above is a snapshot of Lusty Glazy Beach. Lusty Glaze Beach is possibly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Surrounded by three walls of towering rock, you feel like you’re on an entirely different planet while scrunching your toes in the soft beach sand or diving into the cold Atlantic water.

In the picture you can see triangle type structures. When we went to Lusty Glazy Beach they were setting up for a corporate event for that evening and following day. The structures are tents to stay in over night. Imagine waking up to that view. Absolutely stunning.

A few of the other beaches include Tolcarne Beach, Fistral Beach and the Great Western Beach. I was at all three but due to my inability to look after my phone and the zero possibility of lugging my Canon DSLR to the beach with me, I only captured a few shots. Fistral Beach is outline with bars, restaurants and shops where you can sit back and enjoy the view as seen in the pic below. It’s also the capital for surfing in the UK. The waves get pretty high there!

And below is a picture of Tolcarne Beach. Another absolute stunner, though, a lot more crowded than Lusty Glaze.

The beaches were one thing but the next is the town. Below is a picture of Bank Street. You won’t miss it when visiting as it is lined with shops and eateries ranging everything Cornish to surf boards for hire! We picked up a load of Cornish Pasties here along with some fridge magnets for mementos. I’m a big spender, I know.

The locals were amazing, too. There’s something to be said about a town that is so friendly and welcoming. It’s a bit like Ireland where they are so proud of their heritage that they only want you to love it, as well. It’s slightly different in Newquay, though, with their relaxed nature. They are as calming as the ocean they live by (unless they are taxi drivers.. taxi drivers are absolutely bonkers here so prepare for a crazy drive if you hop in one!).