Welcome to Bonniconlon, County Mayo, Ireland! Here you’ll find a tiny village boasting two pubs and an unlimited source of friendly, welcoming people! One of the pubs even doubles as the local shop and petral station! There’s not a lot that goes on in this one-street town, however, it is home to one of the biggest agricultural shows in Ireland every year on the bank holiday Monday in August.

The Bonniconlon Agricultural Show, known locally as “The Show”, sees the footsteps of over 10,000 people annually and is spread over 200 acres. That’s quite a significant number and piece of land for such a small place! Not only does it put Bonniconlon on the map but it also brings a renewed sense of energy and liveliness to the area every year. You’ll see friends and family meeting up from all over the world along with tourists checking out the very best of what the west has to offer.

And there’s a lot to offer here at the Show. There are farmer’s showing off their prize-winning cows, carnival rides for the kids, gourmet food cooking demonstrations for the aspiring chefs, horse jumping, stalls full of clothes to purchase, craftsmen demonstrations, farming demonstrations, lots and lots of fresh, tasty food to buy and then lastly, all the competitions! Neighbours are pitted against neighbours on competing for the best categories such as baking, farming, gardening, crafting and more! Take a look at some of the entries below.




It’s great craic, the Show, especially with all of the local banter that come with winning some of these competitions. I personally enter the photography competition every year which brings a different element to attending the Show and gets you involved in the community aspect of it. Not to mention the bragging rights for when you win 🙂

The Show only costs €13 to get in and in return you’ll get a massive day full of fun. It’s a really good trade-off. I’d recommend going to Mayo in August and definitely heading to the Show on the bank holiday Monday as there’s no other way to describe it other than pure, uninterrupted Irish culture at its best.


Be sure to visit the “Mac & Spud Guy”. Unbelievably tasty. Mackerel, spuds and mussels.