Chicago Skyline view from the far side of Millennium Park. The park is fairly new having been completed in 2004. The park contains a hub of activities including the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain and the Lurie Garden.

Chicago is a city buzzing with movement. It’s home of urban style  clothes shops and world class restaurants. It has unbeatable museums and beautiful architecture you can gaze at for days. You’ll find your heart thumping, sweat dripping off your forehead as you bump your head to the newest, upcoming DJ in the hottest underground club. The next day you’ll be soaking up the sun, sitting in Millennium Park people-watching your hangover away.

Chicago is a city full of twenty somethings, families, students, professionals and so much more. It’s your glass full of water when you’re dying for a drink. It’s that same glass of water drank in one gulp quenching your thirst.

It’s not perfect, though. You feel small, a speck of dust amidst the droves of people walking to their destinations on the city’s concrete paths. It’s about re-getting to know your barista due to the cafe’s high turnover rate and scheduling your own timetable around the mercy of public transportation. But it’s still beautiful. You can still make the city your own no matter how populated it is or how vast one side is to the other.

When I lived in Chicago I made the city my own by strapping on rollerblades and exploring. Chicago is extremely pedestrian-friendly and while I went further and further, I got to know the city’s beautiful skyline from different perspectives. The city no longer made me feel like a small speck of dust when being able to compare the size of the city to the size of a single blade of grass.

Chicago’s skyline as see on the sculpture “Cloud Gate” located in Millennium Park. Cloud Gate was designed and welded together by Anish Kapoor. Its unique design contains no seams and was inspired by liquid Mercury. Truly a sight to see with the contorted images reflecting off of it’s surface. Cloud Gate is also known as “the bean” because of its shape.
View of the Chicago Skyline from the coastal walkway along Lake Michigan. You can see Shed’s Aquarium on the left with the Field Museum and Adler Planetarium behind it. This area is known as the Museum Campus.