Have you ever read one of those cheesy romantic comedies where the heroine quits her job, meets the man of her dreams (who is most likely a rich businessman) and then secures her future and penultimate status of being independent? Castle Durrow is the perfect plot to this type of story. Located in County Laois, it has everything you need to recreate the perfect, real-life fairytale novel. From the alcoves in the garden to the tree-lined paths spread over 50 acres, Castle Durrow is a fantasy landscape you can certainly escape away into.

Castle Durrow is a luxury hotel first and foremost, a host for weddings, and a brilliant place for dining with its award winning restaurant. Lastly, it’s simply a beautiful world to get lost in, explore and escape into.

During my excursion, I compared Castle Durrow’s garden to that of the Secret Garden (novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett), quite special and a little bit exclusive like you’re the only one that knows about it.

My lovely niece enjoying one of the many paved walkways at Castle Durrow