Goldfield was booming in the early 1890s. We are talking three saloons, boarding houses, general stores, you name it, Goldfield had it. That’s because it had a huge gold mine. People flocked from all around the world to strike it rich, and a lot of people did. At the town’s height of population, 4,000 people called Goldfield their home. As most mines do, though, the mine eventually ran dry. No more gold, no more reason to stay. So, as the wild west goes, Goldfield became a Ghost Town.

Goldfield Main Street

It’s an amazing place to visit. Goldfield has been turned into a tourist attraction that still plays on the town’s old traditions. You can feel like a proper miner by having a beer in the saloon, checking out the horses in the livery, and witnessing a pretty realistic gun show the locals put on for visitors.

Out of all the Ghost Towns, both untouched and modernised for tourism go, this is by far the best. I highly recommend giving Goldfield a shout if your traveling through Arizona.

Entrance to one of Goldfield’s mines
Mining equipment
View from the Saloon deck. The surrounding terrain.