Castles in Ireland are not hard to come by. Drive down the motorway and you can spot several in the far distance in sheep scattered fields. A lot of castles are now in ruins and in those ruins lies the beauty. Take a closer look and notice the fine detail outlining the once ominous windows. Stand in the midst of the crested doorway imagining what it would have been like to be king of the castle. Some amazing structures were crafted throughout the histories and Carbury Castle ranks amongst them.


Carbury Castle originated in the 14th century. The structure above has seen many additions added to it since then with most of what you see coming from the early 1700s. The castle was built on a motte, in other words, a large hill with a defensive moat surrounding its base. To put it properly, it’s your stereotypically fairytale castle.

Now, let’s go inside.

There are so many brilliant things about this photo. The arches, crest above the alcove, the wall indentations and the pure imagining about what life would have been like had you been a servant, Lord or Lady or even part of the outlining village. Here is a castle holding a timeless history completely at your own making. Be the King or Queen of your imagination.


Location: Carbury Village, County Kildare, Ireland
Info: The castle rests on private property and by invite only. Easily get permission to
explore by popping into the local church or tread lightly at your transgression.